Thursday, September 13, 2007

The most wonderful day in the life of a mom

That's right, I'm talking about the day your baby starts to hold their own bottle. Halle has been doing this better and better but still needs a little work. Today she did the best she's ever done. I couldn't get her to hold it long enough to get a photo, but I'd thought I'd share some cute pictures of her anyway and how big she's getting. She loves to turn over on her stomach and tries to crawl but she gets stuck there. She's so smiley and loves to play and laugh.
Isn't she beautiful?


The Manwarings said...

And you had doubts about the bottle? Look at that convenience. I just hope your mom doesn't see this. She's going to think I'm a bad influence.

Whitney :) said...

Oh! She is such a cutie! Good job, Hal! Love ya! Aunt Whit

Anonymous said...

The cats out of the bag....I finally went "blog-reading" and I want Amber to know she went from top of the ladder, down a rung or two.....JK. Halle is doing just great, but the La Leche league would have to reconsider my position as next year's president.

Chandler and Angie said...

Uh-oh Amber, looks like you're caught.