Monday, September 27, 2010

McKinley is 6!

On July 30th (Yes I realize I'm very behind) my first born turned 6! It was a fun filled day, we took Marin and Saddie to the movies and went out to eat and had a great time with the 3 little divas!

That evening we had planned to go with our families to Ross Park to let the kids swim and have some pizza and cake but our plans were ruined by lightning storms which caused Ross to close but we already had all our families on the way, so we got a room at the Red Lion in Pocatello so we could use their pool and had the party there! We had a great time and thanks to our family who came and made the night special. McKinley is such a great girl with a happy personality and adds so much to our family. We are so proud of her!

McKinley lost her FIRST TOOTH!

McKinley lost her first tooth this summer! It was getting pretty wiggly but she kept turning down her dad's offers to rip it out with pliers or do the old string, slam door technique. Eventually it came out and she told me she wondered if she would get the rich tooth fairy or the poor tooth fairy (got that idea from Hailey). She told us that she thinks she got the rich one because she got two dollars under her pillow, what a lucky girl. I told her you get a bonus for the first one and then it goes down a little after that.....

Cheer Camp

It's that time of year again, and this year both McKinley and Halle went to the Aberdeen Kiddie Camp with their Aunt Whitney. All three of them make pretty cute cheerleaders!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tautphaus Park Zoo

So a while ago we had our carpets cleaned so the girls and I needed to get out of the house for a few hours, so we hit up the zoo and met Chan for lunch. We had a great time, the girls loved it and I was impressed how many animals they had in an Idaho Falls zoo.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

This year my mom's sister Deb and her husband Dave came to visit for the 4th. It was so fun having them and we spent the day boating and having fun, followed up by the famous Kim Wahlen fireworks show, which was great as usual!

Since everyone had a day off of work on Monday, we threw together a last minute camping trip with the Bradshaws. This year for Father's Day in church McKinley had to write down the things she likes best about her dad and she put down "when he takes me camping and fishing." Since we've never taken her to do any of those things we took it as a signal that we maybe we should at least do it once. So we packed up and headed to McTucker for a one night stay.

It was a fun night and thank goodness we had the Bradshaws, expert campers, with us. I told the girls that maybe we should be a "hotel family" though and they were good with that.

Summer Sales

The girls are obsessed with having sales in the summer. They've sold it all, lemonade, cookies, pudding, their old toys, popsicles. This particular time it was brownies. Every time someone would drive by without stopping, McKinley would yell out "Have a heart!"