Monday, October 4, 2010

Fair Rats Are We

Started off fair week at the Parade on Saturday morning. The kids particularly hyper that day.

The whole crew

We hit the fair on Monday and watched the Indian Races, ate (of course), and after Quincy fell asleep Chan took her home and I took the older girls to see the animals.

Halle plugged her nose the ENTIRE time we were looking at the animals.
Wednesday we hit the rides!

It was a great week, but I'm never really sad to see the madness go so we can get back to real life. 11 months left!

Do the Smartie Pants Dance

Halle also had her first day of Smartie Pants Preschool! She loves it, if you ask her what grade she is she says "Smartie Pants." I know this is a lot of pictures, but she is such a funny poser that I couldn't leave any out! Now it's just Quincy and me for 4 hours a week, which I thought would be heavenly but not so much. Quincy screams EVERY time Halle leaves for preschool and the whole time she's gone she just follows me around asking "Where's Halle?"

1st Grade, Here She Comes!

McKinley's first day of First Grade came and went. She was very excited, the second I went to wake her up for school, she popped out of bed with a huge smile on her face like it was Christmas. She has Mrs. Stocking this year and has a lot of her great friends in her class. First grade was a little harder for me than Kindergarten. She's gone all day and with all those big kids but she's been doing great!

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Quincy Lou is 2!

Quincy's Birthday was the Saturday before school started so we had fun celebrating and having one last hurrah! We took the girls to the zoo again, so Chan could go with us and then we had a picnic lunch and went to swim at the Shelley Pool so the kids could show him all they learned at swimming. We love our little Quincy, she certainly brings a lot of excitement to our lives!

I told the girls to act like they had just hatched from the egg. This is what I got.
.My three little birdies in their nest
Happy Birthday Quincy, we love you!
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