Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Saturday before Easter, we took the girls to Jensen's Grove for the Easter Egg Hunt. Had we been 30 seconds later we would have missed it, so we just ran to the closest area that looked like it had kids around McKinley's age. So the siren went off and the madness began, soon after I looked over and realized that was the 0-2 area. So McKin was really cleaning up and had a lot of eggs, so I grabbed her and ran over to 3-5 but the eggs were pretty much gone. I didn't feel too bad since there were tons of parents grabbing eggs for their 5 month old babies, seriously they can't even eat the candy!
McKin got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny, Halle was way to content in the stroller to be bothered with a picture. On Saturday night I told McKinley that she needed to stay in her room all night and not come into our room in the middle (which she frequently does) because she would scare the Easter Bunny and he wouldn't leave her anything. Sunday morning she was very proud of herself for not scaring the Easter Bunny and has also written him about 50 letters that I told her we would deliver to the forest where he lives. If anyone is really sure where the Easter Bunny lives, McKinley may appreciate a better answer. The girls loved their Easter Baskets and new little toys. Well, Halle didn't really know what was going on but seemed to like the excitement. Then we got ready for church, the girls looked beautiful in their new matching dresses..

McKinley's "Fake" Birthday

So at McKinley's pre-school they choose each summer birthday gets a day during the school year to celebrate their birthday. Her real birthday is July 30 but last Thursday was her pre-school birthday. For a girl that asks every day how soon her birthday is, this is a little confusing for her. She was very dissapointed when they didn't sing to her in Primary on Sunday. However she did have a very fun "fake" birthday. She requested that we bring cupcakes with purple frosting since that is her favorite color, and they actually turned out ok. McKinley was in charge of the sprinkles on top. She was very excited to take them to school.

This is her after the party, she had a great time!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chandler's Heaven

When I saw these two stores side by side at an outlet mall I had to take a picture because this is what I think is my husband's idea of the perfect world..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Late Birthday Dad

We've been very under the weather at our house recently so I'm just now getting around to posting a Birthday wish to my wonderful dad, who turned a number above 50 but below 55 on Monday. I really do have the coolest dad. My whole life all my friends were always saying "Your dad is so cool" and I have to agree. He dresses cool, he listens to cool music, he's got it all. He is very generous, has lots of integrity, and is a great friend that I love to call up and chat with. He is very friendly to everyone and outgoing. Anywhere I go with him all over Southeast Idaho he's always talking to people he knows, which is a lot. He is a great grandpa to our girls, McKinley loves nothing more than going to the farm with "Bompa." We love you Dad! We hope you had a great day, it was a fun spending some of it with you!