Saturday, September 29, 2007

A glimpse into the life of Hailey Bradshaw

On Friday, Whitney, my girls and I went to visit Hailey's (excuse me, Mrs. Bradshaw's) classroom and meet her students. It was so weird to walk into the Elementary school and ask the way to Mrs. Bradshaw's classroom. Her classroom was so cute and all her students had made her drawings and signs that said "Mrs. Bradshaw Rocks" and "Mrs. Bradshaw is an A+ teacher." Hailey had them all stand up and tell us their name and something interesting about themselves, which was quite interesting and quickly turned into a game of stupid human tricks. They then sang two songs they had been practicing - "Grand Old Flag" and "Fifty Nifty." McKinley loved watching all the kids. I was in awe of my little sister and what a great teacher she was. I met the principal and he told me what a wonderful young lady she was and how everyone loves her. I could never handle 30 5th graders like she does. All her students told me that Mrs. Bradshaw was the coolest teacher in the school. Anyway, it was fun to see Hailey in her element and I'm so proud of her and the talent that she has with kids. I wanted to take a picture of her students and her classroom to put on the blog, put I didn't want to be sued by some maniac parent so I decided against it.
After her class, McKinley went with Hailey and Whitney, Halle & I went to Idaho Falls to do some shopping and wait for Chan to get done working. We dropped Whitney off to my Mom and headed to Rexburg and saw the new townhouse that Hailey & Marc are buying. It was very nice and I think they will really like it and are making a smart decision. We ate dinner at the Hard Hat Grill and then went to Hailey & Marc's to get the girls dressed in their pajamas.
Marc, Halle, Hailey, & McKinley

Thanks to Marc & Hailey for hanging out with us, we had a great time!


Anonymous said...

thats really cool that you got to go see Hailey. I know she is a great teacher.

p.s. Your blog is really cute!!

Chandler and Angie said...

Thanks makayla! You're such a sweet girl. You need to come see Marc & Hailey and hang out with us!

Wendy said...

That is so cool to hear about Hailey in her classroom! I am sure she is loved! Aunt Wendy