Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girls Party

This last weekend, my dad and all the boys in our family flew to LA for the weekend to see BYU play UCLA in the Rose Bowl. They had a great time, and the girls of course had a great girls party! We stayed the night at my mom's and froze corn all day Saturday (I know, what a rush) and then went to church and had dinner on Sunday. I didn't take many pictures to document the occasion, but I thought one thing was really funny. Lately, McKinley has been really into what "boys" can do and what "girls" can do so about 50 times a day I hear comments like "Boys can't wear dresses, huh mom" and "Boys can't sing girl songs, huh mom" so on Sunday morning on the way home, McKin was talking about the girl party and she said "Boys can't come to girl parties, huh mom" and I told her I guess not because then it would just be a party and not a girls party and then she said "Yea, boys can't come to girl parties because they have to go on missions, huh mom" I was laughing too much to explain that girls could go on missions too, I guess we'll tackle that when she's older. Thanks mom & sisters for a great weekend.


becky ward said...

I know who you are! Anyway, to create collages like I do on my blog just download Picassa (just click on the colorful circle on the bottom of most of my posts). It's super easy! Have fun!

The Manwarings said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend and McKinley's always good for a laugh.