Monday, August 27, 2007

Tanner's Growing Up

On Sunday, Tanner was ordained an Elder. We are very proud of him and the great choices he makes and we'll be sad when he leaves for BYU next week. We had a big dinner with all the Wahlen's to celebrate (his ordination, not that he's leaving, ha ha). Here's Dad & Tanner in front of my parent's house.It's homecoming week at the High School this week and Garrett was preparing for "Hat Day" and McKinley wanted to try the hat on for size, doesn't she look funny?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Easton's almost here

On Saturday we had a shower for Jill, whose little boy (already named Easton) is due October 12th. This is her first child and first grandson in our family so we are very excited. As the oldest of 6 kids and 4 of them girls, it seems my perpetual calling to give showers, but I love it!
Jill opening her giftsAmy, Traci, Stokes, Annie the Nanny, & Whitney (Amy - you look a little stressed)Colette, Carla, Mindy (Jill's mother-in-law), Kelsey, Lori, & Mom enjoying the shower
My Mom & Beautiful sisters and I. Mom, Jill, Whitney, Me, & Hailey and despite my appearance Jill is the only pregnant woman in this photo. We can't wait for little Easton to get here! I hope that Jill had a great shower and that everyone had a great time!

Always great to beat the Beavers

On Friday night we went to Aberdeen to watch the Garrett & the Tigers defeat the American Falls Beavers once again. I don't even think I can remember the last time we lost to them! Poor AF, losing to little Aberdeen year after year after year, must be rough! The JV team won on Thursday 26-3 and the Varsity won 27-15. Garrett had a hurt hand that had to be in a splint, but that didn't stop him from taking down a guy about 3 times his size for a great tackle. McKinley and Halle were loving cheering on the Tigers. McKinley danced to all the pep band songs of course.

Whitney danced at half time with the cheerleaders and did so great. McKinley loved watching her and her cousins so much that we decided she'd have to go stay at Nana's during cheer camp week next summer so she could get in on the action.

Great to see Brooke again!

On Friday we were really lucky to get to spend a little time with my great friend Brooke Rasmussen & her family. We were friends at ISU and she now lives in Oregon so I'm glad for the chance to get to see her sometimes. Her husband Nate says I need to work on getting her to move back to Idaho, so I'm going to take that very seriously! We went to lunch in Idaho Falls at Johny Carino's and Chan got the chance to break away for a little bit and join us.It's really funny that both Brooke and I have two little girls. Here's McKinley, Halle, Jade, & Taylor. McKinley had just woken up when we got there so of course she was being a little grouchy but towards the end she had warmed up a little bit.

McKinley and Taylor. We couldn't get either of them to put down their drinks - even for a second.

Brooke and I with our oldest girls

I was so glad we had the chance to spend a little time with Brooke. She has a definite talent for being a really great friend and keeping friendships strong. Rasmussens - thanks for taking time from a busy weekend to spend a little time with us. Brooke - just think of how much fun we could have in good old Idaho! How's that Nate?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rooftop has the greatest employees ever!

We had a company BBQ on Wedneday night at our office manager Dori's house. I'm really sad I didn't remember to bring my camera, but the night was still great and worth blogging about. We had this little get together to say farewell to Sharee and Hailey - we are really going to miss them both, but I know we will stay in touch. Especially with Hailey, because well....duh.
We also were welcoming the new additions to our team. Shalay Merrill, whose family lives in our ward and neighborhood, we are really excited we caught her dad bikeriding one night to ask if any of his great daughters needed a job. Also, Emily Hanson (Justin Manwaring's little sister) will be so great - our affiliation with the Manwarings pays off once again! Finally, Abby Stimpson moved from Boise and will be handling our Pocatello properties. Everyone we work (including our great vendors) with is really great and we are glad for the chance to work with them.
Before the barbeque started we had a little training meeting and Hailey & Marc took our girls around and got to see what it's look to be the parents of two kids. Hailey said she asked McKinley to help Halle when Halle was crying and McKinley said "Halle - Heavenly Father doesn't want you to cry." WOW!
The night was really fun, Dave (Sharee's husband) was hard at work on the grill and everyone pitched in a brought great food and got to know each other a little better. The highlight of the evening was when Abby's little boy Tanner got caught using the "outdoor restroom" if you know what I mean. Thanks to the Johnstone's for letting us use their home and thanks again to everyone who works so hard to make our business run smoothly!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wahlen Day at Ross Park

Every summer, when my Aunt Wendy comes up from California, we get together with my aunts, cousins, and all the kids at Ross Park. It's so fun to be together and we look forward to it every year!
Halle & Hailey soaking up a little sun

A small portion of our group. Hailey, Kelsey, Halle, Garreett, Wade, Whitney, Ty, Amy, & Wendy.

Our two beautiful girls, taking a break from the fun

We are very blessed to be part of such a great extended family, love you all! Thanks for the fun day, we are looking forward to next year already!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Island Park Summer Vacation

Well, it was time again for the best vacation ever. We love going to Island Park, where we can have a fun few days of nothing but sleeping, eating, boating, and playing games. On Wednesday we got ready, I re-did the menu for the 10th time (but I'm not bitter), and we headed up for Island Park. We had a little birthday party for McKinley on Wednesday night and she was on cloud 9. She loved all her presents and loved being in the spotlight of course.
McKinley got a chef outfit for her birthday, she loved wearing it and helping Hailey out with the meals.

McKinley with her new umbrella. If anyone has checked out the Manwarings Blog lately, you'll see that she was in desperate need of a new one. Halle and "bompa" having a good time at the party. McKinley giving Halle a little bit of love
Halle was ready to do some serious boating.

Here's Marc after he got done wakeboarding. Hailey thought he looked like Sonic the Hedgehog, does anyone remember that Sega game? It was the best, and a favorite of my family! Ha, ha, Love ya Marc!

McKinley watching her Dad on the water.
Garrett, Kinley, & Tanner on the boat. There's a couple of really great pictures of Whitney & Garrett that I could have put on, but I was begged not to. If you'd like to see them you can contact me personally...just kidding guys! McKin & Chan driving the boat, AAHH!
Chandler trying out the "air chair"

Isn't there some sort of professional photographer award I should get for this? This is Tanner wakeboarding for the last time in 2 1/2 years. Ooohhh.... Tanner is going to BYU in Provo this fall and then going on a mission.

Everyone playing Phase 10, as you can see I'm really discreet with my cards.

McKinley trying on some the of "snowmobiling" wear.Saturday night we went into West Yellowstone and saw Footloose at the Playmill. It was really great and I had no idea that so many great songs came from Footloose. McKinley has been singing them ever since. Thanks to Mom and Dad for a great vacation and for their generosity! Thanks to my family for providing a great time and being so fun to be with!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

American Idol Live - Go Blake!

My wonderful parents were generous enough to take us to the American Idol Live Concert on Tuesday where the top 10 contestants from season 6 of American Idol performed. It was an awesome concert, where Blake was of course the highlight of the show. We had a great time!
Rachel Ward (a friend of our family), Tanner & Garrett before the concert started

Blake Lewis singing "You Give Love A Bad Name," does life get any sweeter?? We spotted Blake's Dad and Grandpa in the audience and Whitney saw his mom. He looked even shorter in real life than he did an the show, but he is still the coolest thing since sliced bread. I'd pay to see him in concert any day. Even the people in our group that weren't as American Idol crazed as I am had to admit that his performance was pretty cool.

Sanjaya singing "The Way You Make Me Feel" while doing the patented Michael Jackson hip thrusts, NASTY!

Chan and I during intermission

Chandler, Garrett, me, Wendy Wahlen (my aunt), McKenzie Baker (my cousin), Whitney & Tanner after the concert.

The whole thing was really awesome, thanks to Mom and Dad for taking us and to Jill & Shannon for watching our girls!