Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You turn your head for 2 seconds...

The other day I was giving the 2 little girls their baths, Quincy did not want to get out yet but I had things to get done and I can't leave her alone in the tub like I can with the older girls. I got Quincy all bathed and dressed and left Halle in for a little more tub time and put Quincy in her room with some toys while I went to get started on breakfast clean up and not one minute later Halle is yelling "Quincy's in the tub!" and this is what I find...The little stinker had went into the bathroom and crawled back into the tub, fully clothed! My older girls thought it was sooo funny. Even though I had to go through another wrestling match to change Quincy's clothes, it was pretty funny and a great example of how determined Quincy can be when she knows what she wants!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Best State Fair in our State

Well, the fair came and went and we did the usual fair activities. It was fun to see McKinley and Halle ride all the rides. Luckily, Whitney was there and willing to ride a few rides with the girls. I'm sure most 14 year olds wouldn't be willing to go on the kiddie rides, but she was great and the girls loved it. McKinley went on her first "roller coaster" and was so funny, Chan and I were dying. She was screaming and I couldn't tell if she loved it or hated it, but afterwards she said she wanted to do it again so I guess that was my answer. Quincy wanted to go on the rides so bad that we couldn't stand near the railing because she would grab on and try to pull herself over, maybe next year Lulu! Chan also took McKinley to the Motocross with some friends, she loved it. They saw someone wreck and she couldn't stop talking about it. We also went one night with just Chan and I, and then with my family one time. Can't wait until the carnies roll into town next year!

Monday, October 5, 2009

While the boys are away, the girls will play

A few weeks ago while all the boys were in Dallas golfing and going to the BYU/Oklahoma Game, the girls got together to have a little fun. We got a babysitter and my mom treated us all to pedicures (Whitney was getting a manicure, she has a thing with people touching her feet.) Thanks Mom!
We went to the Aberdeen Homecoming Football Game to see Whitney cheerlead and I was so excited to see 2 of my very best friends from High School so we took a pic of the old crew. We did everything together during my HS and College days, love these girls. Me, Kamber, & Beth
While the kids were outside riding the Barbie Jeep, McKinley got on the hood and said "I'm the Prom Queen." A little too much Disney I think...
That same weekend, my mom was getting all the flooring re-done in her house so everyone stayed with me. We ate a lot of good food, got a very small amount of sleep, and got to go crazy when the Cougs beat the Sooners. It was a great time!