Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ride Night at the Fair

This post is a little late, since we went on the rides a week ago today, but better late than never.
Chan, Halle & Nana were the oberservers while we went on the merri-go-round. At the last second they said I could hold Halle so she ended up coming

Dad, Halle, me, McKinley, Whitney and our "adopted daughter" (not really) Anne on the merri-go-round. I love that my dad wasn't too old or too cool to get on the horse with his granddaughter. PS - Thanks to Becky for teaching me how to do the collages!

McKin & I getting ready to go on the cars

McKin, Annie & Whitney. These girls were good sports to go on all the "kiddie rides" with Mckin.

Annie & McKin on the Kangaroos!

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The Manwarings said...

I can't believe how your link list has grown. I'm starting to get jealous. Looks like I'm going to have to start doing more recruiting.