Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year.......sort of.

The smells, the noise until midnight, the lights blaring in our back windows, people parking right behind my house, hearing the concerts from my kitchen, that's right....fair time! We went on Monday to the fair with Hailey & Marc, and our Annie the nanny. We ate some food, looked through the booths, saw the animals and then had to call it quits - it was way too hot and we were really tired. We'll have to go back another day to take McKin on the rides. If anyone goes to the fair they have to see the 800 pound pig, it was HUGE! If you don't make it, here's a pic.

Chan & I were able to go back at night and had Annie babysit. It was fun to see the fair and look at the booths out of the hot sun and without manuevering two strollers. It's a crazy time of year, but the kids love it. If anyone needs a place to park, our driveway is available!

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