Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bug Tag

So my friend Sari tagged me and I'm supposed to say 10 things that really bug me, let's see.....

1. When a tenant owes rent that they don't pay and we see them with big screen tv's and carrying Victoria's secret bags into their apartment. Seriously...prioritize the bills people.

2. When your kids want something impossible and scream because you can't get it for them. Like when you're on the freeway and they decide they want chocolate milk and are devastated that you can't make it magically appear.

3. Knowing someone else is having fun and I can't be there.

4. Socks with sandals....sorry Dad.

5. My food storage being not totally up to par.

6. The girls on the Bachelor. They've spent like 1/2 hour with one guy and 24 other girls and are either bawling about going home or talking how they know they will marry him. On this season, Shannon in particular totally bugs me. She all pulls Jason aside and is crying about how she wants to lay on the couch in her pajamas with him and ask him how his day was. Are you KIDDING ME? You don't even know him! AAHH!

7. People who act like Obama is the Messiah, the next Savior of the world. I wish him all the best but sheesh...

8. When the toilet paper roll goes under instead of over.

9. When I've just cleaned something to find my kids have ruined it again.

10. Whining, when my kids start to use their whiny voice I'm not very good at keeping my cool.

Thanks Sari! I tag Hailey, Jill, Whitney, & Misti.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calling All Super Readers

There's a little something for all you Super Why fans. Now down to business, I have to present some options for a book selection next week at my book club. Since Quincy arrived, I haven't had much time for reading, and the last time it was my turn I was in the same boat with Halle. So having NO personal experience to draw from I got online and did some research and presented what I thought looked like good choices. The one everyone ended up going with had great reviews and even had a gold sticker on the front. You can't go wrong with a gold sticker on the front right? Wrong, the book ended up being a little racy at best and the whole time I was reading it I was dying knowing that everyone was doing the same and thinking "Wow, I can't beleive Angie picked such an inappropriate book." So now my book club reputation has been somewhat tarnished and I have a chance for redemption. If anyone has a suggestion for a CLEAN, yet intriguing book club selection would you please comment?
FYI - I will someday be leading the crusade for a National Book Rating System like the movies have, it is sorely needed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brother-in-law Birthday Bonanza!

So in the space of 2 weeks, 3 of my brother-in-laws have had birthdays!

On January 2nd, possibly the funniest person on the planet, Rich Dunn (he's married to Chan's sister Kambrel) had a birthday. Rich is honest, a very hard worker, determined, a great husband and father, and HILARIOUS! He teaches PE and coaches and is great at his job which he loves. We hope you had a great day Rich (which we know you did, you got a Wii), we love ya!

Today, my brother in law Shannon (married to my sister Jill) turns 28! Shannon is a great guy and a great husband and father and a hard worker. He's amazing at helping with the housework, Jill got seriously lucky. He's fun to go to sporting events with and I love to see him cheer on the Cougs! We hope you had a great day Shannon, we love ya! I also hope that you really splurged on your birthday and ate a TON, so that I can triumph in the Wahlen Family Biggest Loser! PS - You really need to pose for more photos - sorry I had to use the same as everyone.

On Tuesday Marcus Gene Bradshaw (married to my sister Hailey) will turn the big 24! We love hanging out with Marc, he's great to our girls and is fun to talk to about any subject. He's always up for some fun and even after I'm partied out (which takes quite a bit) he's always ready for more. He is amazingly talented, humble, smart, and just an all around great guy! We love ya Marc and we're pulling for ya on the 4-wheeler you asked for! Just to be safe don't get your hopes up...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Road Test #1

Today McKinley's good friend Brynlee came over and the Barbie Jeep was removed from it's basement obscurity and put to test in the real world of our driveway, FM radio and all. It was successful. Summer...please hurry!


So I'm very late but we had a great Christmas break. We stayed at my parents house on the 23rd and my Dad took us out to eat at Fairview Inn and then we stayed up late playing games. We stayed until late on Christmas Eve and then came home and woke up the next morning to see what Santa brought the girls. Even though we missed everyone it was fun to do it at our own house and see the girls reactions. Every little thing McKin got she would say "I have ALWAYS wanted this!!!!"
We went to the Daws for lunch on Christmas day and they had handmade the girls their own dollhouses, which are beautiful! We got to talk to each of our brothers on missions, Sagean in Chile and Tanner in Michigan and it was great to hear their voices! Besides a lot of snow putting a damper on some travel plans, we had a great Christmas. Among other things we.....

Cooked...and ate ALOT thanks to my wonderful mother,

Had a fun FHE at my Grandpa Wahlen and his wife Carla's house (McKin and my cousin Ryan's little girl Jenny)
hoarded the m&m's (look at that face, that's some serious hoarding),
and put baby headbands on grown boys.
We had an awesome nativity scene with McKin as the Angel, Halle as Mary, Easton as Joseph, and an absent sleeping Quincy as the baby Jesus. Luckily Halle's baby made a great understudy. Afer that we went caroling and sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." McKinley was kind enough to remain in her angel costume to create a more visual effect.
We also went to Garrett's basketball games and kissed our un-interested cousins,Got our cameras stolen only to be reclaimed with some pretty crazy photos on it,received a new method of transportation,and managed to get in a little sledding down our hill. It was a great Christmas and I'm sad it's over. Now the snow that provided a gorgeous Christmas landscape is just annoying as ****.'s wishing everyone a great 2009!