Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of the inevitables of childhood...

So two nights ago I thought McKinley was in her room picking out books for bedtime, when Chandler walks out and says "I just caught your daughter cutting her hair." So I went in to assess the damage, there were beautiful blond curly locks all over the floor. Her hair was in a side ponytail and she had went to town on it. Later that night and the next morning the discoveries continued as I found a nice chunk right up front that is now about 1 inch long. She still has some long hair, but is now in varied lengths in big chunks all over. Good thing Aunt Jill is coming up this weekend to fix it and thank heavens I can still fit most of it in a ponytail.

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of Preschool.....Again

So yesterday was the first day of McKinley's second year of pre-school. She was excited to see her teachers again and made them cards. We will miss riding with Baylee, but McKin is so excited to car pool with her friend Saddie and also have Dusty in her class! She was really nervous about leaving her sisters and told them not to worry because she would be back soon and then she would play with them. She learns a lot at preschool and we are excited for another great year, though she was a little dissapointed to learn she wasn't going to kindergarten.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun Labor Day Weekend. On Saturday, Chan and the rest of the family went to the BYU Game (shocker, I know) so my wonderful mom came down and assisted me in my first outing with 3 children and we took the kids to the parade and met Celeste, Baylee, and Dax there. It was really hot, but McKin and Halle loved it so it was worth it!Sunday night we were lucky enough to have the Bradshaws come and stay with us. Justin & Amber came over with Clay & Jenn and brought their Wii Fit so we had a good time pretending to be in shape. Here's Marc & Hailey practicing their yoga moves. For the non-yoga folks out there, this is the tree pose. Monday my family came down and we went to the fair. The girls had a great time on the rides and Quincy was quite a trooper all bundled up in the stroller.Later that night when the party had ended McKin asked me if her and Halle could put on their cheerleading outfits and do a "show." They came out of their room all dressed up and put on quite the show, that's for sure. McKin loved posing and doing cheers and Halle just ran around yelling and trying to copy McKinley.Other funny things from last weekend, I asked McKinley to clean her room and she came out a little while later, so proud and said she had made her room fancy. This is what I found....
Her shoes all laid out on Quincy's new blanket and some of her books set up so nicely on her toy box along with her new volleyball. She was SO proud of herself. Her version of clean and mine are quite different, but it was pretty cute anyway.

Finally, we dressed up Halle like an Oompa Loompa.
oompa, loompa, doompity doo.......