Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Booga!

Today my beautiful little sister turns 24! Here's a few of the things we love about Hailey:
  • She is the ultimate trickster, she's played some good ones in her day. Sunday I played the greatest trick on Chandler, which I later had to confess to him because I couldn't stop laughing about it. The whole time I was thinking how Hailey would be so proud and I couldn't wait to tell her about it.
  • She is a great aunt and loves my girls and they love her! She is always thinking of fun things to do with them, she will be perhaps the world's greatest mom.
  • She has a very strong testimony and is a great example to our family. She is constantly trying to increase her knowledge of the gospel and always tries to do what's right.
  • She is a best friend to me and I know I can always count on her.

We love ya Boog! Hope you have a great day and we can't wait to party with you on Saturday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Disney Princess Party

So, on Saturday Snake River High School Choir put on a "Disney Princess Tea Party" fundraiser. My friend Jennie let us know about it and some of my friends and I took our little girls. Misti took Saddie, Celeste took Baylee, and Christa took Marin. I of course took the two little princesses below who were very excited.They were announced when they walked in as princesses and they got to design their very own crowns. Here's Baylee and McKinley working on theirs.Saddie and Marin being creative,and Halle needed a little assistance but loved putting her hands in the glitter glue and spreading it all around.
Rapunzel let down her hair to reveal wonderful prizes! In our case, a necklace and plastic makeup for McKin and a purse and wand for Halle.
They got to go to "Mulan's Makeovers" and get their hair done and glittered and their nails done.McKinley's finished product

Halle's finished look
At the end they had a "tea" (aka sprite) party. Here's the four little friends Baylee, McKinley, Saddie, and Marin.Halle sat on the other side by some random, but very nice little girl who kept providing Halle with pretzels and keep her sprite "tea" refilled.
The whole time we were there, Halle kept pointing to the "Genie" who was walking around on stilts. She was fascinated by him the whole time but when I tried to get her picture with him and a "princess" helper she didn't look too happy about it.Thanks to Jennie for keeping us filled in on the community happenings, and thanks to my wonderful friends for bringing their girls. Halle and McKin loved it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catching UP

So I know it's been forever since I posted, it's been a little busy at our house, with what exactly....I'm not really sure but it seems like it's been crazy. Here's a little bit of what we've been up to. Clear back at the beginning of January our good friend and neighbor Ellie Manwaring got baptized and we were lucky to go. McKin, Ellie, & Anna.Dad's been giving rides, we love him! The good news is that this didn't even result in more chiropractic visits! My Grandpa Kimball was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma cancer, and even though we wish the circumstances were different we've been lucky to have him come from his home in California to Idaho to live with my parents, so it's been great to spend more time with him.
Grandpa Kimball, my Dad, Garrett, and my Grandpa Wahlen after a close win against Grace.

Hailey and Marc had our crazy clan over for a great dinner and Hailey made Valentine's sugar cookies with the girls, what a great aunt!
McKin learned about pirates at preschool,

and since she has a summer birthday, she had her "preschool" birthday on Thursday. She was pretty pumped to bring her pink cupcakes that she helped make and decorate. She also informed me that since it was her birthday she got to pass out her treats and be the calendar girl and do the weather board, life doesn't get much better than that!

So that's the last couple of months in a nutshell, we'll be back soon with princess party pics!