Monday, March 16, 2009


So we just got back from Hawaii and I'm ready to go back! However, we did miss our girls like crazy and a big mahalo to everyone who helped with our kids while we were gone.

We had a great time in Hawaii! Here's us right after we got off the plane in Hawaii, I look a little akward wearing boots in Hawaii but I had a hard time dressing for both Salt Lake and Honolulu, I quickly changed to flip flops. Bear with me on the number of photos, I had to choose out of 227 photos and that's considering that my camera got ruined by a wave with 2 days left. I went a little crazy I think.Waiting for the rental car Shuttle. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore in Oahu and it was amazing! It was a 4 bedroom villa with everything you could think of and best of all, here was the view from our balcony!Me performing my Tour Director duties! Monday we headed to Haleiwa and thanks to Misti ate at the world's best burger place Kua'Aina
And here's the reason I will be doing some major dieting now. We got some famous Matsumoto's Shaved ice which totally lived up to it's reputation.We went and visited the Dole Plantation and took a train ride which was really interesting, and we had some great pineapple!The next morning we went to Waimea Bay and did some boogie boarding, here's Chan and Marc.
Garrett's pockets were so full of sand he had to dump them out a few times. so we took the sand Garrett dumped out of his pockets and buried Marc. Ha!

We got cleaned up and spent the rest of the day at the Polynesian Cultural center, here we are at the Canoe Show.Chan and I on the canoe tour

The Fam in "Fiji"Hailey, Garrett, Shannon, my Dad, and I got tricked into going on Stage and doing a polynesian dance. It was a little weird but I don't think we did too bad.
Chan and I at the Luau, you can't tell but there's a whole roasted pig behind us.Wednesday the boys and Jill went golfing and my Mom, Whitney, Hailey and I watched the surfers at Sunset Beach, did some shopping, got more Matsumoto's and met the boys to eat once again at Misti's burger place, was that good.

After golfing we hung out on the beach, snorkeled, and tried to play a great trick on Marc while he was getting the snorkel stuff by digging a big hole underneath his beach towel but he didn't fall for it, dang it!

Thursday we went into Honolulu and went shopping, to Waikiki and Benihana for dinner. We saw this sign on the way so just in case you didn't know.....

Everyone at BenihanaFriday morning Chan, Marc, Garrett, and Jill went on the Hawaiian Shark Encounter where the take you out 3 miles in a boat and put you in a cage in the ocean while sharks swim around you which Chan thought was awesome, but the water was so rough that he was the only one out of the 13 people on the boat that didn't throw up. I felt so bad because they all looked horrible when they got back, but they still found it in themselves to take surf lessons that afternoon. Here's Chan getting ready to surf and that's as far as I got before a wave came unexpectedly high on shore and soaked my camera but he did awesome! He stood up and rode his very first wave the whole way in. Saturday we packed up and went to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu and got a lot of great crap! Then we went and visited Pearl Harbor and the Battleship Missouri Memorial which was really cool and moving to see. The rest of the trip was great, we played a ton of games, laughed so much it hurt, and ate REALLY well.

A BIG Mahalo to my wonderful Mom and Dad for taking us on this trip and being so generous! The memories we made will last a lifetime!