Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I've been tagged

I'm like Amber and usually not a huge fan of these things, but I had so much fun reading hers that I had to do it. Enjoy!

1. Who is your man? Chandler K. Daw
2.How long have you been together? We will be married for 6 years in December
3.How long did you date? We dated for 6 months and were engaged for 3, nothing like Justin & Amber's whirlwind courtship!
4.How old is your man? 28
5.Who eats more? Hmmm...this is pretty close, but Chandler says it's him. It's probably pretty even which is sad. Amber - There is no way anyone over 12 eats more than you do!
6.Who said I love you first? He did, right in front of the temple while we were watching the 4th of July fireworks.....ooh how sweet.
7.Who is taller? Chan is 6'0" and I am about 5'6" so he is
8. Who sings better? I definitely do. Chan has a little problem with tone deafness, but that's one of the things I love about him, he's still not afraid to sing out. For the first year we were married, I don't think I got through one hymn without giggling. He's gotten a lot better though.
9. Who is smarter? I did better in school, but he's more street smart than I am, so I think it depends on the subject.
10. Whose temper is worse? Definitely his, I know what everyone's thinking. No, not calm, relaxed, mild Chandler but yes it is definitely him.
11. Who does the laundry? I do. This is one chore Chan has never had to do, but I realized when I do ask him to help out, I need to be specific. One time, I asked him to switch the load from the washer to the dryer and the next morning I went down to find a load of wet, mildewy clothes sitting in the dryer. Apparently I forgot to ask him to also start the dryer.
12. Who does the dishes? I do the majority of the time, Chan is good to help out once in a while.
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, he sleeps on the side of the door so he can protect me if someone comes in. I know I have weird logic, and we have a new security system so I don't know why I even worry (yes, we fall for nearly every door-to-door sales pitch known to man)
14. Who pays the bills? I do, but we both know where we stand. We see eye-to-eye pretty well on money issues.
15. Who is better at the computer? He's better at the really technical stuff, like hooking things up, I'm probably better at typing and that's about it.
16. Who mows the lawn? Until very recently, Chandler always did. The 1st time I tried a push mower I fell in the window well..... stop laughing! But we just bought a riding mower, which is what I am used to, so I like to do it and have McKin ride with me but Chan usually goes back and fixes all my mistakes.
17. Who cooks dinner? I do, I'm very fortunate to have a husband that will eat almost anything.
18. Who drives when you are together? He always does, and I've become a worse driver since we got married, which is hard to believe I know. He's amazing, he can drive forever even really late at night and not fall asleep...which is great since I'm not a big fan of driving.
19. Who pays when you go out? Same as Amber, Chandler carries his stuff in a big huge planner so he usually gets out my wallet and pays.
20. Who is more stubborn? We both can be at times, I would say he is but I'm sure he'd disagree. He's definitely more stubborn when it comes to arguing...see below.
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Definitely me, I have to admit I'm wrong even when I'm not just to have the privilege of having communication in my marriage. I always joke (kind of) that if it weren't for me, we would still be in our very first fight.
22. Whose parents do you see most? Mine
23. Who kissed who first? Chandler practically attacked me (I didn't put up much of a fight), but he says to say that I couldn't keep my hands off him.
24. Who asked who out? What turned out to be our first date, wasn't really a date to begin with so it's hard to say but after that he kept asking me out, so I would say he asked me.
25. Who proposed first? He did, does anyone really propose second?
26. Who is more sensitive? Definitely me, Chandler is a pretty hard guy to offend. That's why we go well together, because he doesn't take offense to all the stupid things I say.
27. Who has more friends? That's hard to say, I think we both have a lot of great friends.
28. Who has more siblings? I do, he has 3 and I have 5.
29. Who wears the pants in the family? Chandler says it's me, which is probably true. I'm more decisive and Chan just goes with the flow.

I now tag Hailey Bradshaw, the only person left that I know who blogs and hasn't been tagged yet!

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The Manwarings said...

Wasn't that fun? I was hoping you'd elaborate on the question about whose parents you see more. That seemed to be your only short answer. Ha ha!