Monday, September 3, 2007

Congratulations Bret & Whitney

On Friday night we headed to Utah and on Saturday we got to see my cousin Bret get married to a darling girl named Whitney Rozier, they really make a cute couple. It was a great wedding ceremony and they had a beautiful reception in Alpine. At the dance after the reception McKinley pulled out all her greatest moves including her patented "shake your bum" move.

They had a great photographer and she wanted everything just right. This shot of the Wahlen, Baker, & Markham families took about 10 minutes to orchestrate. She couldn't get Val & Lori to cuddle close enough and "Red & Blue" (aka Aly & Greg) kept causing trouble. The reason I look so eager to show off Halle is that she kept saying "I can't see the baby's face." I was trying but 5 month old Halle was not cooperating.

The beautiful women in the groom's family: Peyton, Katie, Taylor, & McKenzie

Good Luck Bret & Whitney and Congratulations!

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