Monday, September 3, 2007

The Hogle Zoo, how'd we get out?

After the wedding everyone in our family took off to see BYU take on Arizona, so Mom, Whitney and I took McKinley to the zoo. My cousins Greg & Aly were nice enough to take Halle for the afternoon so that we could better enjoy our time at the zoo - I owe them big! It was so nice of them and I heard that Halle & Greg bonded quite well.

We stopped at Aunt Lovinia's house to change and borrow her stroller. I didn't know all these years that Lovinia was in the same ward as Dallin H. Oaks so while we were there we also drove by his home. His wife that passed away was Lovinia's visiting teacher, so how about that? We had a good visit with Lovinia, she will be 90 in November and is still going strong.

"Nana" and McKinley with the elephants. McKinley was really enjoying her push up.

McKin posing with the zebras or "Marty" from Madagascar to the late person.

McKin was quite the tour guide and would tell us where it was time to go next. First the elephants, then the bear, next the penguins and then the crocodiles.......

Mom helping McKin get a drink in the Lions Head.

McKin & I with the giraffes which were her favorite animal at the zoo. As you can probably tell by now it is nearly impossible for McKinley to take a picture with her hands by her sides. They always have to be in some sort of weird pose.

Whitney and Kin with the giraffe. Again with the posing, wow! In this building there were signs posted everywhere asking everyone to please keep their voices down and make no loud noises or sudden movements because it could scare the animals so of course on the way down the stairs McKinley lets out a blood curdling scream for no apparent reason at all and then my reaction to yell at her for screaming just added to the loudness coming from our family. Luckily, we didn't get thrown out.

She couldn't pass up the chance to pose with the Rhino!

Me, McKin, & Whit with the camels. The last animal of the day, we then went on a little train ride around the zoo which she loved of course. Thanks to Mom & Whit for giving up the BYU game to come and hang with me & McKin.

After the zoo, we went back to Lovinia's to change and then to Alpine for the reception. We stayed in Provo on Saturday and on Sunday we went to my mom's cousin's sacrament meeting in Springville and then we went and saw Tanner's dorm and met his new roommates who were all nice boys and SO EXCITED to be at college. Tanner's already met some interesting people, he said he accidently collided with a kid at the net when they were playing volleyball and when he apologized the kid said it was ok because he'd taken much harder hits than that while running cross country (sorry to all the cross country lovers out there, I'm really not putting it down.) It will be a great experience for him to be at the Y, even though we miss him!

After that we went to of course Chuck-A-Rama (my mom's Uncle Alva started the restaurant and it's now owned by my mom's cousins, so eat there when we get the chance) and met my mom's sister Deb and her husband and sons Dave, Matt & Trevor. Matt & Trevor are going to BYU as well so they were there dropping them off and it was great to get to see them! We got to have Garrett ride home with us, which was great. He's such a great uncle and a fun guy to be around. It was a really fun weekend!

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Looks like a fun day. Cute purse. Where'd you get it? Ha ha