Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer's almost over

Here are a few of the things we did this summer.....

Whitney came to visit which we always love,
McKin took swimming lessons and passed!I got to go the American Idol Concert with Joni and Misti, which was great. A little more of Kris and a little less of Adam and it would have been even better!
We went to the American Falls Stake Pioneer Day Parade with my mom,

McKinley went to stay in Aberdeen to go to Kiddie Cheerleader Camp, Whitney is a darling cheerleader and got to be McKin's teacher! They both did so awesome,
So did little miss Jenny Wahlen!We spent A LOT of time at Ross Park in Pocatello, the girls love it. Aunt Wendy came into town and we even got spoiled with 2 traditional Wahlen Ross Park days instead of one!

So excited to go..
Cousins Easton, Taylor, Jack, and Peyton even came down from Utah for the festivities, it was a blast as always.It has been quite a crazy summer for our family, the summer of 2009 will be one I will never forget, that is for sure. Now the summer is almost done and my little first born will be going off to Kindergarten. I don't know whether to shout for joy at the possibility of some free time or cry my eyes out, it will probably be a little of both......stay tuned to find out.


Abbie said...

Isn't that so sad summer is over now!!! Glad we spent the whole summer running...:)

Amy said...

Cute post. You will cry your eyes out, but it is so much fun!