Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mesa Falls

So one bright sunny afternoon in July we decided to go with the Bruderers to scout out our half-marathon location and have a little picnic and enjoy Mesa Falls while we were there. The day started out great, except on the way to lower falls we start to realize how many LARGE HILLS there were. Misti and I were madly texting each other in disbelief, what had we gotten ourselves into? We decided we'd pay closer attention on the way back, maybe it wasn't so bad.

Halle, Easton, McKinley, and Saddie at Lower Mesa Falls
As our picnic was winding down a little it began to drizzle a little, but it was no big deal and we packed up and heading for Upper Mesa Falls deciding it would stop in a few minutes and we'd have dessert there. By the time we get there and park it was raining a little more so we decided to hurry and go see the falls, wrong decision! By the time we had walked almost all the way down there it starts to pour and hail! We had 5 little kids all together and my two little ones were in tank tops/sundresses and we didn't have any jackets or umbrellas. Chan took Quincy and took off for the house/ranger station running and some nice ladies let me Halle, Saddie, and McKin share their umbrellas. We were all ok but soaking wet, so we broke out the dessert!

Finally it calmed down and we actually go the see the falls. The cute Bruderer fam....
And our little fam. I know what you are thinking.......she is running in a half marathon?? I too was once under the impression that anyone who ran a bazzillion miles would surely be skinny but as you can see that is not the case.On the way back down we evaluated the hills once more and began to feel sick. We hadn't trained hills at all and it appeared to be all this course was. Since then we have done more research and realized we were looking at the wrong course, thank heavens! It was a fun day, full of adventure for sure. Thanks Bruderers!


The MontaƱo’s said...

Angie, shut the crap! Re-write this post! U LOOK FANTASTIC!! Holy moly do not put yourself down, you are running a half marathon baby!! U GUYS R ROCKSTARS!! :)

Misti said...

Love, Love, Love this post!!! It really was a ton of fun, rain and all!

Ashley said...

Ang-just wanted to thank you again for the nice phonecall the other day. It is always fun to catch up with old friends. You will do awesome in the half marathon and I agree that you look great!! Good luck-we'll keep you and fam in our prayers.

Sabra said... are to skinny. I live close to Mesa falls (well sort of) I live just outside of Ashton. In fact I got asked to help with the race next weekend. I am planning on going to Utah for a wedding, but if we don't go then I will have to come try to find you... (if you don't mind) it would be soooo fun to see you, even if it was just for a few minutes.
My cell Number is: 208-716-4784
I think I have your cell #
Good luck with the marathon!

Your baby is not a baby anymore! Wow, they grow so fast.
I had to chuckle at your pictures, because we have pictures at mesa falls, being soaked also!! AH!

'Cus and Britt said...

Whatever you look AMAZING! And for the record you are my idol... I have always wanted to run a half marathon and the closest I've come was a 5K. You are awesome! Love your cute fam!