Saturday, August 22, 2009

We are in a recession....

So throughout the summer our sweet kids have been thinking of ways to help out the family cause, and in partnership with the neighbor kids they have opened several new business ventures. The first was a nail painting stand, many of our friends and neighbors stopped but this idea quickly died because apparently not a lot of people are willing to pay money to have 5-8 year old kids paint their nails (I even had to suck it up to contribute to that one). Halle was perhaps the only real willing participant, she got about five coats of polish that day.
Having already shut down one stand, they turned to a classic and sold Lemonade which did very well. So well in fact, that even more neighborhood kids joined in.Their most recent scheme was delivering vanilla instant pudding (homemade by McKinley) to every home in our neighborhood. They were under strict instructions not to charge for this, but we've found out since that they were apparently accepting donations. Well, I guess we've all got to do our part, right?

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The MontaƱo’s said...

Those are the CUTEST ideas! I wish we would have known, we so would have helped out the cause! :)