Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is there sugar in honey? Then YES!

So we've been watching ELF quite a bit lately at our house. Tonight Chan brought home some honey from a gift basket one of our vendors gave us and we had spaghetti for dinner and McKin said she wanted honey on her spaghetti like ELF (he had syrup, but it's all sugar). We let her try it on a little piece because we thought she would think it was disgusting and stop but she loved it and had honey on all her spaghetti. YUCK!

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Misti said...

We actually watched some Elf yesterday and Mckinley knew what parts where coming up. That is so funny, don't even tell my kids they would love it too!

Sabra said...

That is funny!!!

Elf is my all time favorite Christmas show!

The Manwarings said...

Ooh, I sure love honey, but I'm a little afraid of trying it on spaghetti noodles. That is funny, because we're actually watching elf at this very moment!

wendy said...

It was so fun to be with you guys at Thanksgiving. I have been telling everyone how cute your girls are and with the arrival of the Christmas card to back me up!

Also I have been telling everyone about "Who's that, it's Nana?" I love that . Love ya Wendy