Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Bright and early Saturday morning (who eat's breakfast at 8:00 AM on a Saturday? CRAZY!) some of my friends and I took our older kids to eat breakfast with Santa & Mrs. Clause. It was this cute little thing they were doing at the Christmas Tree Fantasy in Blackfoot. It was way cute! They got coloring stuff, little gift bags, huge breakfasts, and got to hang out with Santa, Mrs. Clause, and a REALLY random artic wolf named Elizabeth. They kept telling the kids that she helps in the North Pole. I've never really seen wolves associated with Christmas, but I'm open to new ideas. After breakfast they got to go listen to a book read by Mrs. Clause and then talk to Santa and draw him pictures. As you can see, McKin had a great time!

I just love this one, because look how excited Saddie is! She had the cutest Christmas dress on, told Misti that she could be married to Santa, and then Mrs. Clause told her the same thing!

Saddie, Marin, Jase, & McKin. Thanks to my great friends for coming, and thank you to Misti for the pictures. Thank goodness that there are good friends around to help a girl out who can't remember her camera!


Rebecca said...

That is so cute! But WOLVES? WHAT? I love your family pictures. Who did them? I really need to get family pictures before this little guy comes. I would love to have maternity pictures with the kids.

Sabra said...

Wolves in the north pole?!?! How bazar!

Cute pictures!

The MontaƱo’s said...

Best idea Angie. I'm so glad you got us all together to do it!! My kids loved it! Oh, and by the way, yesterday McKinley informed me she ducks for policemen when she's in her car, cuz she's usually not buckled!! I laughed so hard... we are taching our kids the same!