Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday G-Dub

So first things first, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the Daw Family..
Now on to even more important news, today is also the day that my little brother Garrett turns 18 and makes that ceremonius first trip to the Aberdeen Maverick for cigarettes and lottery tickets....just kidding. Garrett is such a stud, he's a man of few words but when he speaks up he's the funniest guy you have ever met. One of my all time favorite quotes from when he was pretty young - "If a man never spent a dime, he'd be rich but he'd be naked."

He's a great uncle and example to our girls and isn't afraid to do what's right. He loves sports and is fun to watch, someday he's going to be a great coach or sports analyst! Have a great day Buckwheat, even though it's Thanksgiving we hope you get a little of the spotlight. Our wish is that you will get to sit in a clean house, watch ESPN, and that it rains (little inside joke). Love ya!


Whitney :) said...

Ang I love the new blog look!

Janae said...
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Annie said...

I love your pictures!!!There way cute.

Springer Family said...

I love the pictures of your girls they are so beautiful.