Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag

So, my blog is filled with tags lately and my sister Jill tagged me so here it goes:

8 Favorite TV Shows:

1. The Office
2. American Idol
3. Biggest Loser
4. Jon & Kate plus 8
5. Supernanny
6. Hannity & Colmes, O'Reilly Factor (I'll group them since they are pretty similar)
7. Dateline
8. Home Shows (House Hunters, Property Virgins, etc.)

Also, my guilty pleasure is Desperate Housewives. I can't beleive I just admitted that on the internet, but it's really pretty good and funny!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Wasabi (yummm....sushi)
2. Benihana
3. Johny Carino's
4. Olive Garden
5. Rodizio Grill
6. Outback
7. The Sea Grill or Tavern on the Greene in NYC (I'll probably never go there again, but they were awesome!)
8. Maddox

8 things that happened today (the tag is supposed to say yesterday, but I can't remember that far):

1. Got our water heater hopefully fixed! Yay! No more carbon monoxide poisoning for this family, no sir. It's a long story but we are all alive.
2. The new fireplace for our basement was delivered.
3. Exercised, every little bit helps I guess.
4. Watched Christmas movies with the girls and helped them make Christmas lists. It's a little premature but there's nothing wrong with lengthening the Christmas season as long as possible.
5. I folded laundry and made stir fry for dinner, really exciting I know.
6. Annie the Nanny came over, yay!
7. Had a wonderful but rushed FHE lesson on the First Vision given by Chan and wonderful treats made by me with some help from the girls and then had to stand firm and not let McKinley have any because she didn't eat her dinner. I hate that.
8. Fought with McKinley about taking her Flinstone vitamin.

8 things I look forward to:

1. Hawaii with my family in March!
2. Sundays, or weekends in general, but mostly Sundays.
3. Not having 2 kids in diapers.
4. Summer, I know it's a little early but still......
5. Christmas, Christmas shopping, I pretty much love the whole season.
6. Taking some fun family trips when the girls are a little older.
7. Uninterrupted Sleep
8. Chan getting home from work everyday

8 Things I love about fall:

1. Football, mostly BYU Football
2. School starting, it's always exciting
3. Harvest
4. Apple Cider
5. Knowing that Christmas is getting closer
6. Primary Programs
7. Time change, gotta love the extra hour. There's nothing better than thinking you are going to be late for church and then realizing you have an extra hour and that you are doing awesome! However, I'm usually still late.
8. Halloween and seeing your kids in their costumes.

8 things on my wishlist:

1. A full year's supply of food storage
2. To be skinnier, that will probably be there forever.
3. Millions of dollars
4. I agree with Misti, season pass to a spa
5. For BYU to kill Utah in every single athletic competition the two ever meet in.
6. A Son
7. A kindle, that is the coolest invention ever.
8. Not to get too mushy, but mostly that my kids will grow up healthy, happy, and with strong testimonies.


Misti said...

You are too cute! Seriously, I wish I had thought of all that!

wendy said...

How did QAnnette do on her Christmas list? I didn't send a baby gift but I am bringing a surprise for the girls when I come for Thanksgiving.
I loved reading about what you like... I hope that BYU gets Utah this week! Please oh Please!

Love ya...

'Cus and Britt said...

I LOVE hearing McKinley stories! They are soooo funny to me! You are a very patient and wonderful mom! I bet you are SO fun!