Monday, April 19, 2010

SLC Half Marathon

This past weekend, I ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon with some of my favorite people on earth. Friday night we all met at Olive Garden for dinner and loaded up on carbs! I took some random shots near the end of dinner.

The wonderful lady who inspired the whole thing.

Race morning we were up bright and early and took some pictures at the starting line. We didn't find Jennie and Christa so I was sad not to get any with them. Here's Misti, Abbie, and I. Training partners forever, ha ha! Misti's kids have Alpha 1 (a genetic liver/lung disease) and so her family and a few friends ran to raise money for Alpha.
Me and my brother Tanner, the gazelle. Seriously, Tanner didn't really train at all and finished in 1:41, placing #255 out of 1739 guys! So proud of him and so glad I stuck with him for the first 5 miles which we ran insanely fast.
The Wahlen Half-Marathoners! My mom has breast cancer so we decided to run our race in conjunction with the Hunstman Cancer Institute Hometown Heroes program where we raised money for cancer research. My aunts are so supportive and some traveled a really long way to do this with us, I appreciate them so much and am so proud of them! The 5k crew wasn't with us at the start but my sisters Jill & Hailey, and my aunt Debbie Briggs all did the 5k and also raised money for Hunstman and Misti's mom Joni Archibald did the 5k for Alpha. Here's the whole Half crew before the start.
The Finish line was at the Gateway. It was a great race! I got a time of 2:09:09 which I felt really good about.
Sisters, my mom and Aunt Deb
Tanner and I after the race
The runners we could find at the finish line. Hailey, Tanner, Joni, Misti, Abbie, Shannon, Jill, me, and Abbie's roommate Darien.

Hires B H afterward with some of the fam, couldn't eat much though!
After Hires, I went shopping in Park City (yay), out to eat and home with my good friends Jennie and Christa which I regrettably did not get any photos of. I could barely walk but it was still really fun. It was a great weekend and I'm so grateful to have such awesome family and friends. Thanks to Chan who stayed home with the girls and took care of everything so I could go, I missed them at the finish line but it would have been slightly crazy. I originally didn't want to do this Half a second time since I'm not really a fan of the winter training but it was so great we might have to make it a tradition.


Abbie said...

Yay!!! You did so great I love the post! Good job getting the pictures up so fast! You look so great, and it made it so much easier running for a cause. Thanks for the fun weekend!

Misti said...

Love the post too! Look at you, blogging as fast as you run! It really was a blast! I think running for a cause and lack of hills did make it easier!!! Your the best ever!!!

Alicia and Devin said...

That is a great time Angie! That is so great that you did that. And props to Tanner. We love you guys so much and hope to see you this summer late June.

Marci said...

Wowie Ang!! I am so proud of you! You did so awesome and I wish I could have been running along side you! Give your mom a hello for me and congrats again on amazing accomplishment!