Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Halle Pal

Yesterday our little Halle turned 3 years old, she has been waiting for a long time for that day. She'd always say "why is my birthday taking SO LONG??" Sunday we were at my parents for Easter and everyone was there so we had a little party for Halle.I bought a pan and attempted to make a butterfly cake, I'm not showing it because I'm proud of it, oh no no no. I'm posting a picture of it because I am NOT a cake maker and I stepped out of my comfort zone for my child's happiness and I want it documented for posterity.
Here's the Birthday Girl on the day, it finally came.

She requested McDonalds for lunch.

She got a new princess bike

She passed out treats at dance, we went out to eat and then had a little more cake (Ridley's this time)
We love our little Halle, she is so easy-going, kind, loves to have fun and still holds her own with her sisters. We love you Halle!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! I hope that when I have a little girl, she is as cute as yours!! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow.... :)

The MontaƱo’s said...

Happy Birthday Halle! And what a fun day! And oh my gosh, she looks so much like Mckin in that last picture... I never thought that before! She's a doll! And 3, yippee!!

Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Halle!!! What a cute cake you show that off! Just so you know my legs hurt so bad I'm not walking too fast and sooo hungry today... bad combo haha but I CAN NOT EVEN WAIT FOR THE RACE NEXT WEEK WOOT WOOT!! Call me if you can't sleep I'm sure I'll be laying there with butterflies in my stomach:)

Misti said...

I will also be awake... you know me, loving ever minute!!! Happy Birthday Halle! She is soooo cute! We LOVE YOU!!!

Brittany said...

Such a cute girl!!

The Bergers said...

O what a cutie! Happy Birthday Halle!