Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa Kimball

On April 15th my Grandpa Kimball passed away after a long battle with cancer. I will really miss my Grandpa Kimball, he always told you what he thought and was a great man who helped so many people. But I am so glad that he gets to be with my Grandma again, living without her by his side was really tough on him. Last weekend we traveled to Northern California to be there for the funeral. It was a long trip with 3 young kids, but I wouldn't have missed it.

It was a bitter sweet trip, my mom grew up in California and we spent a lot of time there as kids visiting my grandparents. I felt like it would probably be my last time in their home as well as at many of the spots we always went growing up. We went twice to the Hick'ry Pitt, one of my grandparents favorite places where we always went on visits.

Halle and Whit at the Pitt

My cousin Troy's little girl Emily and McKin. McKinley & Halle LOVED Emily!
We spent a lot of time at my grandparents home, where I have a lot of memories.

Some of my fondest memories are of spending HOURS on my grandparents player piano. They have a whole cabinet full of music rolls from the Big Band Days. My girls were amazed to see a piano that played by itself and it was fun to see them love it as much as I did as a kid.

All of the Kimball Kids. From L to R: Kathryn, Deb, Connie (mom), Jeff, & Scott

My parents and their kids (minus Elder Wahlen) in front of my Grandpa's casket.

Despite the sad occasion, it was great to see all of my Kimball cousins and I'm glad I will be able to see my wonderful grandparents again someday.


The Manwarings said...

I'm glad McKinley got her California fix in. It looks like it was a nice weekend. And looking good in the sunglasses!

Misti said...

I am glad you guys were able to go. Looks like you guys had a good time!