Thursday, February 14, 2008

WANTED...New Digital Camera

For those of you who haven't noticed my blog has been recently void of photos. This is because my husband has stolen the family camera and taken it to Idaho Falls to take business related photos of our new properties. By the way, I also have some important Primary photos on said camera and the poor CTR 5 class has had to attend church without their pictures on the board for the last 2 weeks. Don't we have a seperate camera for business purposes you may ask? the answer is yes but Chandler lost it (he has an entirely different story for why that camera is missing but he's wrong). So all I ask from my wonderful, amazing, husband on this Valentine's day is a new digital camera to capture the "kodak" moments in our daughter's lives. Chandler has shown some resistance to this idea, so if you know him any pressure you can apply would be much appreciated.

PS - He proposes a "joint custody" arrangement where the camera would travel back and forth between home and the office, but this just will not work. The camera would get confused, where would the camera keep it's stuff, it just needs a place to call home. If he brings up this possibility just ask him how much the new razor was that he just bought. Thank you! Love you Chan!


The Bergers said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for the rules.
Poor Camera is now going to have issues of "Where do i belong in life!" An unstable environment i must say.

Jill said...

Hey Chan, you need to get Angie another camera because Easty and I NEED to see some more pictures of our cute neices and cousins! I am going through McKin and Halle withdrawals!

Makayla said...

Go Angie! Your good at putting on the pressure. :)