Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't ever give that girl a knife.

So McKin just told me that she wanted to see the baby in tummy, so I make an exaggeration of sticking out my steadily groing tummy (this was definitely not hard) and she said "No, we have to have it open." A little scary, I must say.

But to show just how cute she is, today in Primary when they asked why we should pray daily McKinley raised her hand and said "read the scriptures." Not exactly what they were looking for, but always a good answer to any question really. This was an improvement to raising her hand vigorously for every single question (I mean EVERY ONE) and then going "Uhhhhhh" when they call on her.

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The Bergers said...

GET OUT OF HERE!! Your prego already? Our babies are still babies!!! And your 3 months along? So do you know what it is yet? That is so exciting!! Congrats you guys! And i am so happy to hear you got a new camara to take more pics of your THREE Kids! AHHH that is so crazy. Luv ya!