Sunday, January 13, 2008

See ya in 2 years Tanner......sniff, sniff

So Wednesday we took Tanner to the MTC. It was our family's first MTC experience since Tanner is the oldest boy and it was very hard. Of course my sisters, my mom and I cried through the movie, the talks and singing "Called to Serve." When it was time to say goodbye, Tanner gave everyone a hug (poor guy had to deal with lots of bawling women) with just a few tears in his eyes and then he was off and didn't even look back. This was a day I was very grateful that so far I only have girls. I kept telling McKinley that she will be 5 and in Kindergarten when she see's Tanner again and I think it's sinking in. Yesterday I asked her who her best buddy was (hoping she'd say me) and she said Tanner. I will miss him immensely but I'm so proud of my little brother and know that he will be a wonderful missionary.


The Bergers said...

I remember sending brian off. That is no fun!! For this reason i am also glad i don't have a boy yet.

Jill said...

So sad! We will miss him lots, I'm still sad thinking about it, weird to think our kids will be so much bigger when he get back! (tear)