Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Missionary Marathon

Sunday was the Wahlen missionary marathon with my cousin Ladd's farewell (He is going to Brazil) at 8:30, my cousin Cory's homecoming at 10:00 (He returned from El Salvador) and my brother Tanner's farewell (He is leaving to Detroit, Michigan) at 12:30. It was an emotional marathon as well but such a great day. Below is Tanner, Cory, and Ladd, 3 awesome missionaries!I had to show this pic of my cousin Lynn and his beautiful "friend" Saris (sorry, is that how you spell it?) because Celeste, doesn't she look exactly like Jennifer our aerobics instructor? And guess what else, she also has taught aerobics! Weird, huh.....

Cousin Marcus, Tanner, and Uncle Eric

As you can see, Mckinley had a great time at the Missionary Bash. Last night after Tanner got some food and walked out of the kitchen she said "have fun on your mission." We will sure miss Uncle Tanner and I'd like to personally thank him for teaching McKinley how to use a whoopee cushion all by herself this weekend and then giving it to her, our house was a crazy place to be today. At least I'll have something to remember you by...haha!

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Chris,Celeste,Baylee,& Dax said...

You're right she does look like Jennifer!