Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rise and SHOUT, and the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend.

Well, my camera went defunct so I don't have many pictures of our great Thanksgiving Day which we spent in Aberdeen at my parents home. The "highlight"of the dinner was when it got really quiet and McKinley looked at all of us and said "I hate you guys" AAHH, how do you react to that? Everyone was laughing and I knew McKin was joking but we should probably try to kick the habit of expressing "hate" right now.
The highlight of the weekend was definitely going to the BYU game and seeing our Cougars beat the Utes once again. Is there anything sweeter in the world? There are not many things in this world that will result in Chandler and I jumping up and down, screaming and hugging each other but 4th and 18 from Hall to Collie did it do us. Not quite as awesome as Beck to Harline but we'll definitely take it. I definitely need to repent for finding such immense joy in the broken hearted faces of the Ute fans. Even though I could tell they were hurting I had a overwhelming urge to look right at them and scream "Go Cougs" or even worse "Utes Suck." Man, the things sports do to us.... well maybe just to me.
Finally to end the crazy weekend we went to the Choir Broadcast on Temple Square Sunday morning and then to the Little America Brunch (yummmmm) and towards the end of the feeding frenzy I put Halle on the floor right next to me with a toy. I perhaps should have surveyed the area first because a minute later my mom found Halle with a piece of broken glass in her hands and in looking around there were pieces everywhere. The waitress hadn't done a very thorough job at picking up a broken glass. We did a quick inspection of Halle and didn't find anything and she wasn't crying or anything. When we left a few minutes later I saw that I had blood all over my shirt and checked out Halle and both of her precious little hands were covered in blood. Halle was so brave and didn't even cry as the waitress rushed us to the back to get her all bandaged up. Of course all the management was very apologetic, but now the question is to sue or not to sue? Just kidding...........sort of!


The Bergers said...

Sue! :) just kidding. I am jealous you ate little america brunch with out me. So yummy to my tummy!

Annie said...

that was way fun thanks for taking me with you!