Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just the housekeeper

Frequently McKinley likes me to be the "payer girl" aka the cashier at a pretend store where she purchases our household items with credit cards aka Albertson's preferred customer cards. Tonight she came up to while I was on the computer and said "ding, dong." This means she is ready to make her purchase. So I said "Hello, what would you like to buy today?" She sighed and said "Nothing, I just have to pay the housekeeper," and handed me her "credit card." I have no idea where she even learned what a housekeeper was but apparently I'm it. It reminds me of a cartoon my mom used to have on her desk where a child was looking at a picture of his parent's wedding day and asked his dad "Is that the day Mom came to work for us?"


Kate said...

Angie, that is hillarious! Hope it is okay I am commenting! I love the things little one's come up with.

The Bergers said...

That is awesome! They say the cutest things! Lovin the page decor by the way! :) Hope ya had a great thanksgiving!

Amanda P said...

Angie, I love your blog! I got your Christmas card and loved it. I also love your byu vs. utah blog. Mike and I are the same way! By the way, this is amanda your next door neighbor at ricks. It was fun to hear from you!