Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Painful Night

Tuesday morning, Halle woke up at 5:00 and half asleep I went to get her. We usually always leave our bedroom door open but McKinley had came in and closed it. Anyway, it was pitch black and I was hurrying to get Halle and ran smack into our bedroom door! It killed my nose and I thought I broke it at first but everything appears to be fine. Chandler woke up to a huge crash and turned on the light to find me on the floor with blood everywhere, so he was a little freaked out. Everything turned out ok and my nose is just a little sore still, especially when Halle bats at it and my ego is a little bruised as well. All worth it to get out of a nighttime feeding, I suppose!


Anonymous said...

Too bad I have to read the computer to find out about your injuries. I loved all the pics and journal really have a way with words. Sorry about your nose; maybe you'll look more like your Mom, although mine's not injured. Love ya!

The Bergers said...

You must have been booken it out of the bedroom. I swear they need a WCF for us moms. :)
Hope your nose is ok babe.