Tuesday, October 16, 2007

McKinley's funny comments

McKinley was really on a roll yesterday, so I have to share her two funny comments she made.

First, I was laying on the ground with Halle's legs around my neck so that her face was right above mine. I told McKinley to come over because I needed to tell her a story. I told her that when she was a baby she was sitting like that with her "Bompa" and she spit up all over his face. We had a good laugh (sorry dad) and then she said "What's the next page?"

McKin barely touched her dinner last night, so after she proclaimed she was done after one bite, we told her that if she didn't eat more dinner there would be nothing but water for the rest of the night and she said ok. So of course all night she was begging for food and I kept repeating the consequence of her earlier choice and that she could only have water. She was trying to pull some major negotiations asking for all kinds of food and then she gave up on that and starting asking for chocolate milk and juice and I kept repeating that all she could have was water. After a while she gave up on those and came and said "Can have some chocolate water?"

What a funny girl!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!!