Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Newport Beach Thanksgiving

So for Thanksgiving this year we were able to spend a wonderful fun-filled week at the Newport Beach Coast Villas in California with my family. As you can see it was beautiful, we had a great time. We flew in Saturday night and went to my aunts' church on Sunday. We walked in just in time to see my Aunt Wendy get put in as Primary President, she will do such a great job! We went the Harbor House after church, a Huntington Beach must and it was as good as I remember. That afternoon we went to the Markhams for dinner, it was delicious and so fun to spend time with such a great family. Monday and Tuesday we were off to Disneyland! My Aunt Sue and Aunt Wendy very generously offered to help out with Quincy so we could focus more on the older girls who would remember it. Quincy did get a little Disneyland time Tuesday morning and that was plenty! McKinley and Halle LOVED Disneyland, I can't wait to take them back!

There were these awesome fountains in California Adventure that all the girls loved running through, they could have stayed there all day!

On Tuesday night the whole fam went to eat dinner at Ariel's Grotto, and it was the best part of Disneyland! A little spendy but each princess came to our table to talk to the kids and take pictures and I have never seen two happier girls than McKin and Halle. Totally worth it!

Getting ready to learn the princess dance, taught by all the Disney Princesses!

After dinner we went to Midway Madness, one of the coolest rides in Cali Adventure. However, the line was deceptively long so we took a few pics while we were waiting. Here's the farmers with Mr. Potatohead!

Wednesday we hung out at the beautiful pool and ate and shopped. Thursday we went to Carlsbad to have dinner with the Kimball Clan and Aunt Wendy, it was SO delicious and SO fun. It was so fun that I regrettably forgot to take any pics of the day. My Aunt Deb made a great meal and put in a ton of work, thanks Aunt Deb! Friday we went to the beach, HSS, and Knott's Berry Farm Restaurant for lunch before we flew out.

Nana helped the girls find lots of seashells

We were very grateful to spend Thanksgiving with people we love and have such a great time!


Amy said...

So Jealous...I LOVE Disneyland!

MooMiwa said...

hi. What your name?

Nice to meet you.


The MontaƱo’s said...

SO FUN!! And your girls are SO stylin! Love your fam pictures!! LOVE THEM! McKin is looking sooo grown up!!

Misti said...

LOVE your family pictures, they are sooo cute!!! Just seeing your pictures makes me miss Disneyland. I need to go back!