Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Tennis

So I refuse to list for anyone all the activities that McKinley is involved in this summer for 2 reasons. First, because my inability to say no to anything is slightly embarassing and second, I have kids to raise and simply do not have time for a mental institution as applicable as it may be. I will say that just one of those activities is summer tennis, and she loves it. Her little friend Saddie and her got matching purple tennis rackets (thanks Mist!) and even made up a cheer to go with them where they each raise their rackets and say "Goooooo McKinley, Goooooo Saddie"Here's hoping we make it through the summer alive!


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! Although I have to admit, that would be a tough one to coach at that age!! But just think of how much McKin will learn this summer!

Abby Stimpson said...

How fun :) Miss You Guys!

The Bergers said...

What a good mom you are! That is so cute, i would love for sadie to take tennis, it is such a girly sport!