Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Today, my gorgeous youngest sister and sibling turns 14 years old! When I was her age, she wasn't even 1 yet! I'm scared to think what our family would be like without Whitney, she is the perfect youngest child! She is an amazing aunt to my girls and a great help. She is also a great friend to me, a talented dancer, smart, very popular with all her friends, and thankfully VERY innocent. When she was younger her excuse for everything was "Hello, I'm a pre-teen," but lately she's been turning into quite the teenager and it's fun to see her grow. Whitney lights up the room and brings fun everywhere she goes. We hope you have a great birthday Whit, love you!

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Brian Markjam said...

wow, Whitney is making me feel old! I'm not gonna make it up there this Thanksgiving. I work on that Friday and can't get it off. I'm gonna have it at Steve's at his place. your pumpkin carvings looked fun. I love you cuz. take care, Brian