Friday, August 15, 2008

Wahlen Reunion

So this, like almost all of my posts is a bit belated but oh well! At the end of July we went down to Salt Lake for the Wahlen Family Reunion. It was so great to see all of my wonderful family and get to play around for a couple of days. We were SOO excited to go.
Friday we went to the Hogle Zoo, where we broke out the double stroller for it's first test run. It did well, and McKinley is fully aware that soon she will be demoted to walking.

It was SOOOO HOT, so we totally enjoyed the little mist sprayers they had strategically placed around the park. (note - there are some people who won't be happy about me posting this pic, but you'll all agree that it had to be done.)

We got together and planned to wear matching shorts...

We looked at the animals,

We rode the "Conservation Carousel"

And rested in the shade.

That night we ate at Chuck-A-Rama, they have Apple Beer, which I LOVE! We took full advantage of the hotel swimming pool.

The next day we shopped, ate lunch and then had a great time together hanging out at the Park. We played,

ate oreos,

and watched the boys play volleyball.

We had a great time, I'm truly blessed with a great family. We are counting down to Wahlen Reunion 09!


Nate and Brooke said...

It's crazy how big our girls are getting and now you are about to have another! It looks like you guys had a great time and I have to say you are quite the sport being way pregnant, in the heat and still going along with all the activities! I miss you tons and hopefully we'll get over there to see you soon.

Sabra said...

Looks like a fun reunion! I love seeing pictures of you Angie. You look so good. Good luck on the birth of your 3rd baby!!!

M-n-M said...

Hey Angie -

I was looking at one of my friends blogs and came across you - I was so excited. I think the blogging world is so great for keeping in touch. I hope you guys are doing well. Your blog and family are so cute.

Misty Martinsen

wendy said...


It was so fun to hang out with you those few days. Thanks for rearranging your schedule to come to Ross Park also. You are so fun to talk with. I wish we could talk everyday. Love ya

MaMaMaMandy said...

It looks like you had a great time at your reunions- they are always a blast (in my opinion)!!

Congrats about your induction on Thursday- mine is scheduled for next Thursday- if she doesn't come earlier! Babies are the sweetest!! Can't wait for her to come out already!!