Monday, July 21, 2008

Jackson Hole Trip

So on Saturday we decided to take a fun little day trip to Jackson Hole before Christa and I have our baby girls. We went with the Manwarings, Cannons, Bruderers, & Montanos. It was a very fun day! We started off by meeting at Teton Village and taking the gondola's up the mountain. The girls were great in the Gondola on the way up the mountain, not a little uneasy like their scared of heights mom.

The kids looking out at the view.Part of the crew at the top of the mountain

Our little fam at the top of the mountain.

There was a couple getting married at the top of the mountain. We had lunch at a deli at the top of the mountain, and then went back down and headed to the Snow King Resort and tried out the Alpine Slide. I couldn't go (for obvious reasons) so Halle and I just hung out at the bottom and took pictures of everyone coming down.

Chan and McKin getting on the chair lift, again.....not scared at all. Amazing.Coming down after the first run. Chan said McKinley kept telling him to go faster.

Chan & McKin raced Justin and Ogden on the way down. It was a pretty tight race, some would say a tie, but I think the Manwarings may have been a little ahead at the end!

Elli, Anna, & McKin standing at the arches while were were hanging out in the Park waiting for the shootout to start. Thanks to all our great friends for coming with us, we are really lucky to have such a fun group of awesome friends.


Whitney :) said...

sounds fun! but...we missed you at pioneer day!!!!!

Misti said...

Thanks for inviting me to go, it was so much fun! We will have to do it again when Marshall can go.

Jill said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Good thing you are getting all in before you have two children under 1 1/2...after that activities like that might be limited!! The girls look adorable! Love ya!

Sabra said...

I love seeing pictures of you pregnant! We should get our families together sometime. I have not seen you in years! It would be so fun.

Rebecca said... that Halle in her stroller tied to the gondola? That is hilarious!! It looks like you guys had fun. I wish couples here would want to get together and do fun things like this.