Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wonderful World of Whitney

So, we are lucky to have my Grandpa Kimball here with us in Idaho for a couple weeks. This week my mom took him down to Utah for a few days to visit with friends and family so we got to have Whitney with us. There are six kids in my family, I'm the oldest, she's the youngest so there is a bit of an age gap. I have been laughing non-stop since she got here and realized a few things. One - that no matter what I think I'm getting old and Two - that my younger sister is so wonderfully naive and innocent and soooo teenager, much like myself at that age. Here are a few of the conversations we've had this week:

Me: Whitney -you've never heard of Karate Kid?

Whitney: Nope

Me: You've never heard anyone say "wax on, wax off" or do this (picture me with my hands and one leg in the hair)

Whitney: Well, I've seen someone do that, but I didn't know it was from Karate Kid.

Me: Wow, I guess I'm old.

Whitney: Sooooo...When you were a kid Karate Kid was like as popular as High School Musical?

Next conversation happened while watching Hannity & Colmes (one of my favorite shows since I secretly desire a second life as a political pundit) and went something like this:
Whitney: What does liberal mean?

Me: Like a democrat, like you beleive in things like gay marriage, abortion, big government, things like that (You can probably tell which party I support by my description of the other). The opposite is conservatives.
Whitney: Oh
Chan: Whit, do you know what conservative means?

Whitney: Like, you want to save the plants?

This is probably my favorite one of all:
Me: I hate that commercial about Meth, it's too scary for kids.
Annie (our neighbor girl): Ya, a kid at my sister's school got arrested for selling drugs.
Whitney: People can SELL DRUGS?????
Me: Well where do you think people that do drugs get them from?
Whitney: From the STORE, Maverick sells tons of cigarettes.

A few other one liners I have said this week:
You've never heard of Ghostbusters?
You don't know what your calf muscles are?

She still has one more day here, so this may be updated. It has been wonderful having Whitney. Just imagine being able to go into the store and post office without hauling two kids, that's how great it has been these past few days. By the way I do have her permission to post these conversations if I pay her a dollar, so enjoy them because this is costing me.


Wendy said...

I want to be a political pundit also! This was such a funny post, I couldn[t stop laughing. Do you listen to Glenn Beck?

The Bergers said...

How funny! We must be old if kids now days don't know about karate kid.
So this is a real smart question by kamber but what exactly is a political pundit?
BTW - we love the standing mice song!! It is also one of our favorites.
Will you guys be going to aberdeen days next weekend?

Misti said...

Angie you guys are so fun! Love this post! Go Whitney!

Chandler and Angie said...

Hey Kam! A political pundit is someone like Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity. Just people that offer their political opinions and comment on things, not really for any news value though. We probably are going to be around this weekend. Chan has father/sons Friday night, but it's at Sportsmens in Aberdeen so we should be there. Let's meet up!

jaime said...

hilarious. i love to read whit's blog. her teenager humor cracks me up.

sounds like you guys had a blast!

Rebecca said...

Wonderful World of Whit- so cute!! She is so funny and adorable:)

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

This is by far one of my favorite post I've seen on a blog! LOL!! I'm glad little Whitney is so sweet and innocent!

Jill said...

I'm going to post wonderful world of whitney pt II...she said some pretty funny things while here with us too!

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo funny...i laughed out loud!