Monday, June 30, 2008


So during our ritual morning battle over what McKinley will wear, things were getting a little heated.

McKinley said "You are hurting my feelings."

I said "Well it hurts my feelings when you act like this." (real mature I know)

McKinley says "No it doesn't, you don't have any feelings."

So apparently the next life lesson I need to focus on is that she doesn't have exclusive rights to "feelings." But last night she told me I was the best mom in the whole world ever, so maybe it's not so bad.


The Bergers said...

Mature or not... I use that line like all the time!:) Gotta love it though!

The Bradshaws-- said...

Things getting heated with McKinley?? I can't imagine

wendy said...

Sometimes it would be handy not to have feelings! That is so cute..I love these stories! I wish you all could come down with Whitney on Monday. love ya lots