Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We were dying to get out of the house come Memorial Day weekend and test out the new car and do something fun. We thought about Yellowstone but it was supposed to be rainy, so we just bagged it. Then the Cannons called and wanted to go to Salt Lake so we were off...

We met the Cannons and ate dinner Friday at Costa Vida in Layton. Then it was to the hotel for some swimming. Chandler and Jennie were brave and got into the pool with the kids. There was no way I was exposing the world to my large pregnant swimsuit body and Curtis isn't much of a water guy. The kids had a great time, McKin is really proud of herself for going under the water and Halle loved it too.

Easton Cannon hanging by the pool, what an adorable little guy, huh?

We then went to the rooms and ordered "Horton Hears a Who" for the kids and called it a night.
The next day we took the kids to an aquarium, tried (but failed) to visit a boy in our ward that we thought was at Primary Children's Hospital (he had gone home but it's the thought that counts right?), went to Benihana's for lunch and then the boys went to a Bees game, while Jennie and I (emphasis on I) got some shopping done as she introduced me to the wonderful world of Tai-Pan and Ikea. I know I'm lame, I had never been to either one. Jennie's sister Amy took McKin, Allie, and Easton to play at her house, which was VERY nice.

Monday, we visited my Grandma Wahlen's grave, had a great lunch with all the Wahlens and then saw Ironman. Well, I saw the first half and Chandler saw the second. Halle was not cooperating. This is becoming a theme for us.
Whitney, McKin & Easty Beasty

Halle being silly.

McKin and my youngest cousin Vanessa Wahlen.

Ralene, Easty, and Mom aka Nana

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