Monday, August 6, 2007

Island Park Summer Vacation

Well, it was time again for the best vacation ever. We love going to Island Park, where we can have a fun few days of nothing but sleeping, eating, boating, and playing games. On Wednesday we got ready, I re-did the menu for the 10th time (but I'm not bitter), and we headed up for Island Park. We had a little birthday party for McKinley on Wednesday night and she was on cloud 9. She loved all her presents and loved being in the spotlight of course.
McKinley got a chef outfit for her birthday, she loved wearing it and helping Hailey out with the meals.

McKinley with her new umbrella. If anyone has checked out the Manwarings Blog lately, you'll see that she was in desperate need of a new one. Halle and "bompa" having a good time at the party. McKinley giving Halle a little bit of love
Halle was ready to do some serious boating.

Here's Marc after he got done wakeboarding. Hailey thought he looked like Sonic the Hedgehog, does anyone remember that Sega game? It was the best, and a favorite of my family! Ha, ha, Love ya Marc!

McKinley watching her Dad on the water.
Garrett, Kinley, & Tanner on the boat. There's a couple of really great pictures of Whitney & Garrett that I could have put on, but I was begged not to. If you'd like to see them you can contact me personally...just kidding guys! McKin & Chan driving the boat, AAHH!
Chandler trying out the "air chair"

Isn't there some sort of professional photographer award I should get for this? This is Tanner wakeboarding for the last time in 2 1/2 years. Ooohhh.... Tanner is going to BYU in Provo this fall and then going on a mission.

Everyone playing Phase 10, as you can see I'm really discreet with my cards.

McKinley trying on some the of "snowmobiling" wear.Saturday night we went into West Yellowstone and saw Footloose at the Playmill. It was really great and I had no idea that so many great songs came from Footloose. McKinley has been singing them ever since. Thanks to Mom and Dad for a great vacation and for their generosity! Thanks to my family for providing a great time and being so fun to be with!

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Whitney :) said...

That was such a fun vacation and thanks to everyone who made it fun!