Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great to see Brooke again!

On Friday we were really lucky to get to spend a little time with my great friend Brooke Rasmussen & her family. We were friends at ISU and she now lives in Oregon so I'm glad for the chance to get to see her sometimes. Her husband Nate says I need to work on getting her to move back to Idaho, so I'm going to take that very seriously! We went to lunch in Idaho Falls at Johny Carino's and Chan got the chance to break away for a little bit and join us.It's really funny that both Brooke and I have two little girls. Here's McKinley, Halle, Jade, & Taylor. McKinley had just woken up when we got there so of course she was being a little grouchy but towards the end she had warmed up a little bit.

McKinley and Taylor. We couldn't get either of them to put down their drinks - even for a second.

Brooke and I with our oldest girls

I was so glad we had the chance to spend a little time with Brooke. She has a definite talent for being a really great friend and keeping friendships strong. Rasmussens - thanks for taking time from a busy weekend to spend a little time with us. Brooke - just think of how much fun we could have in good old Idaho! How's that Nate?

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