Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brother-in-law Birthday Bonanza!

So in the space of 2 weeks, 3 of my brother-in-laws have had birthdays!

On January 2nd, possibly the funniest person on the planet, Rich Dunn (he's married to Chan's sister Kambrel) had a birthday. Rich is honest, a very hard worker, determined, a great husband and father, and HILARIOUS! He teaches PE and coaches and is great at his job which he loves. We hope you had a great day Rich (which we know you did, you got a Wii), we love ya!

Today, my brother in law Shannon (married to my sister Jill) turns 28! Shannon is a great guy and a great husband and father and a hard worker. He's amazing at helping with the housework, Jill got seriously lucky. He's fun to go to sporting events with and I love to see him cheer on the Cougs! We hope you had a great day Shannon, we love ya! I also hope that you really splurged on your birthday and ate a TON, so that I can triumph in the Wahlen Family Biggest Loser! PS - You really need to pose for more photos - sorry I had to use the same as everyone.

On Tuesday Marcus Gene Bradshaw (married to my sister Hailey) will turn the big 24! We love hanging out with Marc, he's great to our girls and is fun to talk to about any subject. He's always up for some fun and even after I'm partied out (which takes quite a bit) he's always ready for more. He is amazingly talented, humble, smart, and just an all around great guy! We love ya Marc and we're pulling for ya on the 4-wheeler you asked for! Just to be safe don't get your hopes up...

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