Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farewell to Summer

I've never been a fan of the long Idaho winters, but now that I have children who adore playing outside with the neighbors (hence my house staying clean and me being able to accomplish a few things) I dread winter like the plague.

The nice fall part isn't so bad and then it's fun to have a little snow around Christmas, but by January 2nd I'm dying for it to be warm again, and by March I'm ready to scream. This is now what winter means for me and all Idaho moms pretty much:
  • Your child's average amount of TV intake per day dramatically increases.
  • I do try to encourage non-television related activities, however those usually involve mess making to some degree which is a downside.
  • Your children will still want to play outside, so you'll take 1/2 hour to drag out the snow clothes, bundle them up and then they will play outside for 10 minutes and then come back in because they are cold.
  • Any step out of the door for whatever reason takes twice as long, all the extra clothes and shoes and socks.

Here is some of the Pheasant Hollow neighborhood gang, as Chan calls them, in our backyard for one of the last summer play sessions of 2008.

Anna (the upside down one, this is usually how we see Anna!), Ogden, McKinley, Halle, Ellie, and Emma

McKin performing her dance for everyone (hmm..... McKinley performing, that's weird) and Halle and Ellie on the swing. Halle loves Ellie, she takes such good care of her.

So goodbye summer, don't be too long.


Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of winter either - I love Phoenix :) It's warm year-round :) You guys should come visit us when it feels like winter will never end.

The Manwarings said...

I LOVE winter, but I do have to agree that it makes for very bored children who need entertained, A LOT.
And wow, Ogden wasn't hurting anyone in those pictures, you don't find that every day.

Misti said...


Sabra said...

I totally agree with you. I do like winter But is just WAY WAY too long!

Sharee said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. It looks like you have had lots of fun adventures lately. Idaho winters are SO LONG! I am not looking forward to this one with a little guy (RSV season). I love the picture of Quincy in her blessing dress. You have such a cute little family. Tell your family that I said Hello.

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

So it snowed a whoppin' 2 feet of snow this weekend in Montana. Bye bye summer and where the heck was Fall in there? I think I sneezed and missed it! LOL!! I wish Tanner had a ton of kids his age to hang out with. All the neighborhoods we've lived haven't had kids his age. So you're way lucky!!

AK girl said...

You think Idaho has long winters. Try 9 months of winter in Alaska!!! Yesterday it was 10 degrees I haven't checked the temperature today! We have had snow for a month now. I miss you!