Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McKinley's "Fake" Birthday

So at McKinley's pre-school they choose each summer birthday gets a day during the school year to celebrate their birthday. Her real birthday is July 30 but last Thursday was her pre-school birthday. For a girl that asks every day how soon her birthday is, this is a little confusing for her. She was very dissapointed when they didn't sing to her in Primary on Sunday. However she did have a very fun "fake" birthday. She requested that we bring cupcakes with purple frosting since that is her favorite color, and they actually turned out ok. McKinley was in charge of the sprinkles on top. She was very excited to take them to school.

This is her after the party, she had a great time!


Jill said...

I'm glad she had a fake birthday to hold her over until her real birthday...she looks pretty darn cute! Happy fake birthday Kin!

Mindy said...


Hey! It's been years since I've seen or talked to you! How are you? I've been testing my theory-- I think if you click through 3-4 blogs you're bound to find someone you'd be surprised how true it is. I don't even know how I found yours but I was excited when I saw it. Your girls are so cute! If you're down in Salt Lake sometime you'll have to call me:) And tell your fam "hi" for me, I haven't been to Aberdeen in almost 4 years. I think my comment links to my blog, if not it's I'll add you to mine, hope it's ok if I drop by to read your blog once in awhile;)

Mindy said...

...I guess I should tell you who this is! Married names don't really give it away--
This is Mindy (Bliss)
My mom said she thought Enid Green is your moms cousin--she was our Sunday School teacher and lived down the street from us for awhile just after we got married (on Berkeley Street). I kept hoping I'd just see you and your mom out there one day! But she moved like a year later, and we moved just after that.

jaime said...

so dang cute! i love fake birthday's. parker is 6 months old today, and jason insist it's half birthday and so we must have cake!!!

it's basically just an excuse to have cake...