Monday, September 27, 2010

McKinley is 6!

On July 30th (Yes I realize I'm very behind) my first born turned 6! It was a fun filled day, we took Marin and Saddie to the movies and went out to eat and had a great time with the 3 little divas!

That evening we had planned to go with our families to Ross Park to let the kids swim and have some pizza and cake but our plans were ruined by lightning storms which caused Ross to close but we already had all our families on the way, so we got a room at the Red Lion in Pocatello so we could use their pool and had the party there! We had a great time and thanks to our family who came and made the night special. McKinley is such a great girl with a happy personality and adds so much to our family. We are so proud of her!


The MontaƱo’s said...

What a great idea to go to the Lion instead of just canceling her swim party! It's not suppossed to thunder and lightening in July anyways! Marin had so much fun that day!! Happy b-day McKin!

Misti said...

Way to go Ang!!! LOVE all the updates!!! We don't have to tell you twice! Happy Bday McKin, we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!!!!!!

Abbie said...

What a fun birthday party!!! Happy Birthday!