Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tanner's Home!

Returning from a glorious 2 year soul saving mission, please welcome back from Detroit Michigan, ELDER TANNER WAHLEN! (little Saturday's Warrior shout out)
The three amigos, together again
Tanner, Ladd, and Garrett with Grandpa. The three Elder WahlensBrothas
Tanner, we'd like to introduce you to Quincy Lu, the craziest woman you ever met...
Tanner was reliving his old glory days when he ran through the banner we made for him so we tried to recreate it!
The whole airport clan
Tanner with my Uncle Val, Aunt Lori, and Ladd.
Tears of Joy
Align CenterGrandpa, Carla, and Tanner
Tanner and Whit, she's changed quite a bit over the last two years!
Good to be Home!
It has been so great to have Tanner home, I know he was an awesome missionary! Halle and Quincy weren't sure what they thought of him at first, but warmed up quickly! We love you Tan!


Abbie said...

It's so great to have Tanner home!!! He is such a good guy! Great Pictures!

Misti said...

What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! You look amazing!!! LOVE Tanner, too bad he's family, or he and Abbie...